Wednesday, October 8, 2014


"People often tell me that what surprises them most is watching me cook and talk at the same time."  Jacques Pepin

Like walking down the street and chewing gum at the same time?  I don't think so!  This is a book for aspiring professionals by an experienced professional, starting with the basics! Pepin published La Technique in 1976, La Methode in 1979, and put them together in this edition of 2001. 830 pages including the index, and it's good for you, whether or not the recipes are.  A fine to as-new copy, it is $15.00 at the shop.

It came in with around fifteen others, a few of which are pictured here. 

Come in and take a look, at our other cookbooks as well!

We have other cookbooks for professionals and talented amateurs-Laurel's Kitchen, a massive work by Bilheux and Escoffier on Special and Decorative Breads, and a large work from Cordon-Bleu.  Not to mention a title on Elvis's favorite recipes (which surely contributed to his early demise).

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